Our Mission/Vision

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TOWARDS building a society where voices of the poorest, the deprived and the marginalized are heard and develop out of Ownership and Participation and to help build strong cohesive communities by increasing the availability of a wide range of resources & services.



Our vision is to encompasses a just and equitable society with emphasis on sustainable development, peace & harmony – through poverty alleviation, sustainable agriculture and livelihood promotion of the resource poor.



SAKTI SIKHA inspired by Mahatma Gandhi & Mother Teresa

"Nonviolence and truth (Satya) are inseparable and presupposes one another. There is no god higher than truth."

Our work is inspired by a set of belief that includes respect for diversity & human dignity and opposition to all forms of discrimination. We believe that human development goal can be achieved by joint initiative of an effective state and an engaged civil society. We reiterate our faith in the rights of development as basic human rights for all.



SAKTI SIKHA is a bridge between the people and Govt. programme. It prepares and implements     self-project, Programme and conduct research studies especially on agriculture development & allied field. Analyze, suggest and influence the Government in policy making. Identifying key entry points for different thrust areas and key target groups within those areas for initiating and consolidating gain to be derived from the effort.

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