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Welcome Sakti Sikha (REFORM-India)


logo-ssSAKTI SIKHA is 14 years old evolving organization with core believes and a passion of doable ideas for the next generation. The organization was started and promoted by two Social Work Graduates with a great deal of experience among themselves in practicing and researching rural development. Over the years, the organization has been able to create its position in the development sector. The thematic focus on Agriculture development & Food Security, Poverty Alleviation, Livelihood Development and Climate Change has evolved as the thrust areas for impacting change in the villages of Orissa. Creativity and efficiency is considered as the benchmark of its staff members. A group of renowned advisors, drawn from academia, rural development and senior citizens, guide the organization. In the operational areas of Sakti Sikha – in tribal dominated Mayurbhanj and adjoining Balasore district of Orissa –     a majority of the rural population lives in acute poverty with lack of livelihood options and do not have access to formal credit systems. Sakti Sikha intervenes into this cause by the introduction of innovative/modern approaches to augment access to livelihood system for the resource poor. In addition to this, it also expanded its activities to agriculture extension, food security, promotion of organic farming and mitigation of climate change.
People’s institutions like women self-help groups, farmers club and village groups were build by Sakti Sikha with stress on participation and decision making by the members of these groups and ensures their partaking in the management of the     institution. Sakti Sikha has been able to introduce and ensure the adoption of innovative, locally relevant, food security technologies, & sustainable agricultural technology with the help of organic & bio farming system, etc. Simple technologies,   which bring about improvements to the quality of life and livelihoods of the poor are nurtured and practiced. To understand development and related issues Sakti Sikha also participates in relevant studies and research that have a bearing in-impacting positive outcome in the life and livelihood of the poor.

Sakti Sikha is the nodal agency for the promotion of Vermitechnology & Soil Management Process in Mayurbhanj district on behalf of the National Council for Science Technology Communication (NCSTC), an independent body under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Sakti Sikha always follows the Voluntary Code of Ethics and maintains Transparency and Accountability in all its in and outside work.

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